Kaliningrad – Elblag line

Since May 2010 «PVL» Ltd. has launched the realization of logistic project for arrangement of cargoes delivery by waterway transport (barges) from the port of Elblag (Poland) to the port of Kaliningrad (FSUE «Kaliningrad Sea Fishing Port») and back. Transportation is carried out at the water area of the Vistula lagoon by barges with a capacity of up to 800 tons.

Due to absence of demurrage during the border crossing and during waiting for the release of a declaration at temporary storage warehouse, our Customers refocused their cargo flows from road and rail transport to the waterway. For the moment there are 3-4 trips per week, the volume of transported cargo is about 10 thousand tons per month. Transit time at the Kaliningrad Gulf is 9-12 hours. Time for customs clearance and discharging of cargo does not exceed 24 hours. Clearance of enlarged shipment of goods is carried out by one declaration.

Competitive cost of delivery, the ability of transportation of a minimum quantity, as well as enlarged shipments in the short terms, the possibility of placing and shipment to the final consignee from a warehouse in the port under the orders of the sender makes this transportation very attractive. Our customers are building and commercial companies of the Kaliningrad region.

There is a free storage available for a period sufficient for clearance and for taking out of goods.

The taking out of goods from the warehouse at Kaliningrad is possible round the clock.

«PVL» Ltd. provides the following services:222
– consolidation of cargoes in the ports of Elbląg/Kaliningrad;
– loading/discharging operations;
– transportation by barges Elblag – Kaliningrad – Elbląg;
– storage at the open storage areas and covered warehouses;
– preparation of documents for customs clearance;
– «door-to-door» delivery;
– consultation regarding the terms of foreign trade activity.

The types of transported cargoes:
– cement;
– dry building mixes;
– gypsum plasterboard;
– Chipboard, OSB, timber;
– building blocks, ceramic bricks, tile;
– metal and plastic profile;
– metal rolling;
– ship’s spare parts, etc.
– concrete products, beams, plates with weight up to 5 tons;
– general cargo on pallets, in big bags.